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The 80/20 Rule of Client Communications

How simply answering the phone can make dealing with clients easier and your... More

A Deck Builder's Guide to 'Google My Business'

When a potential customer searches online, do they find you or your competition? More

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Lobster on a Cheese Plate

In his soon-to-be released book, Mark Harari brings plenty of humor, but he is... More

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Why Good Reviews are Key to a Contractor’s Success

In part four of a 4-part series, Bobby Parks explains why nurturing your company's... More

Creating Separation: A Simple Recipe for Growing Your Business

How a focus on quality and margin growth instead of increased production can... More

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Managing Large-Scale Outdoor Living Projects

How one general contractor keeps large and complex jobs on track by growing his... More

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Words Matter: A Refreshing Take on Green Speak

How we describe what we build can promote greenwashing, and runs rampant in all... More

2020 Photography Workshop Announced

If you are attending IBS this year, leave a few days early, catch The Wave, and... More

Manage Customer Expectations

Watch and learn how Bay Area Contracting uses video to improve the customer... More

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