Moisture Barriers

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Siding a Library With Boral

For a durably-built structure, Boral siding plays a large role and is worth the... More

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How-To Avoid Water Damaged Walls

Rainscreen walls go a long way towards a water-tight envelope. More

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Fixing Summertime Moisture Problems

A troubleshooting expert explains how to find and fix condensation issues caused... More

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Rainscreen Basics

When walls get wet (as they always do), Steve Baczek explains how a rainscreen... More

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What a Long, Strange Drip It’s Been

Read how a simple drip edge installation error led to rotted sheathing and framing... More

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Is It Time to Give Exterior Wall Flashing the Boot?

There’s a surprising new way to seal-up penetrations without the usual muss & fuss. More

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