Moisture Barriers

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Understanding Air and Vapor Barriers

Matt Risinger's elegant explanation of air and vapor control More

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A 'Never Worry Again' Insulated Ceiling

To properly fix stained drywall near recessed lights in a cathedral ceiling, first... More

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Air-Barrier Basics

The lack of a good, airtight control layer will let in unconditioned outside air... More

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How to Avoid 'Stucco Buckets'

A common stucco failure point is when it wraps from the vertical wall to the... More

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Installing Effective Rainscreens

Simple, low-tech systems that can work for any type of siding More

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Products That Don’t Work

Matt’s Risinger’s list of 5 pet-peeve building products More

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Curved Wall Makeover - Part III

The job concludes with more waterproofing, flashing and trim work. More

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Curved Wall Makeover - Part II

The Thompson Johnson Woodworks crew resumes work with the old window removal,... More

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Curved Wall Makeover - Part I

Mark Pollard from Thompson Johnson Woodworks tackles a window replacement and wall... More

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