Moisture in Concrete

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Moisture Testing 101

Longtime wood flooring pro and inspector Tim McCool explains the details on how to... More

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Lessons from the Champlain Towers Collapse

Blaine Brownell on the ways to detect concrete cancer and other structural damage... More

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Bull Float, Fresno, or Trowel?

To avoid surface defects when placing a concrete slab, learn which finishing tool... More

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Can Buildings Take Vacation Too?

Peter Yost installs some HOBO data loggers in a Vermont vacation home to find out... More

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Understanding Vapor Drive In Stone and Brick

In this Risinger classic, Matt describes how wind-blown rain, splashback, and... More

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Solving A Crawlspace Moisture Mystery

How a South Carolina builder tackled a tricky moisture problem in the sealed... More

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A Case Study in Foundation Waterproofing Failure

The house wasn't even done and already the basement had become a wet mess. More

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Why Soil Moisture Matters When Pouring Concrete Footings

Super-dry soil can suck water out of wet concrete, while very wet soil will add... More

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