Composite Decking Maintenance

Regular cleaning and sealing will keep composite decking looking like new More

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PVC Ceiling

Zip-Up Ceiling offers a quick way to finish a basement ceiling: Install trim... More

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Venting the Crawlspace

While encapsulating the crawlspace has gained favor among builders of... More

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Can Roof Moss Damage Shingles?

Don't ignore that green roof growth; it might be causing expensive damage not only... More

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What's That Smell?

If there are bad odors in the HVAC system of a newly-built home, they are likely... More

Mold Problem Dogs Jersey Shore

Soaked by Sandy, houses on the New Jersey shore show the effects of saturation —... More

Worries About Mold in Flooded Homes on Staten Island

Staten Island residents trying to repair their homes say mold is thriving in neighboring houses abandoned after Sandy. More

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Drying Wet Framing

In tight houses, make sure the frame is dry before closing up the walls More

Respond & Rebuild: Volunteers Tackle Mold in the Rockaways

A grassroots volunteer group called Respond & Rebuild has made mold its top priority, and they’re attacking it with a basic arsenal: wire brushes, detergent, and elbow grease. More

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Reusing Old Barnboard in a New Home

Here's the right way to treat reclaimed wood for insects and mold before using it... More

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