Nail Guns

Max 500 PSI AKHL 1260EX Compressor

If you haven't considered a high-pressure pneumatic framing system, this article... More

Estwing Mini Palm Nailer

The well-known hammer company has some new pneumatic nailers on the market,... More

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New Palm Nailer
Hitachi Cordless Framing Nailer

The Hitachi NR1890DR 3 ½-inch cordless framing nailer has some stand-out features,... More

Pneumatic Nailer Tips and Techniques

Here are some tips from a carpenter who's been using a nail gun for over 30... More

Everwin SCN65 Siding and Sheathing Nailer

A remodeling contractor weighs in on the features of Everwin's SCN65 siding and... More

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The Cordless Framing Site

Battery-powered tools have evolved to the point that it no longer makes sense to... More

New Cordless Nailers From Cadex

Tools of the Trade editor Chris Ermides spoke with Cadex about its new line of cordless finish nailers at STAFDA 2017 More

Hitachi New Stick and Coil Framing Nailers

Hitachi recently updated a couple of pneumatic framing nailers. Contributing... More

Two Hitachi Cordless Finish Nailers

Here's an in-depth review of Hitachi's 15-ga. and 18-ga. battery-powered finish... More

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