Natural Ventilation

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Practical Ventilation for a Warm, Humid Climate

A builder in coastal North Carolina describes the strategies and equipment he uses... More

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Box Fan Air Cleaner Update

Allison Bailes takes a look at the long-term performance of his DIY whole-room air... More

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Why IAQ May Be More Important Than You Think

COVID-19 spreads through aerosols, particles that are smaller and lighter than... More

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Termite-Engineered HVAC

More than just chimneys, those tall mounds serve as breathing mechanisms for the... More

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Ignition Resistant Roof Edge Detail

In a wildfire, embers can be sucked into soffit vents or land in gutters, where... More

Building a Deck Above an AC Compressor

Provide enough clearance for the unit to operate properly and to allow workers to safely access it for maintenance and repair More

New Bosch Dust Extractors

These vacs have self-cleaning filters and integrate with the company’s L-Boxx system. More

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Building Better Eaves

Roof overhangs can be finished in a number of materials and constructed in a wide... More

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Hands-On Review of Hitachi's NV50AP3 Cap Nailer

A production manager for a St. Louis remodeler has high praise for this cap nailer... More

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