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Safe Paint Removal

Tom O'Brien field-tests the Speedheater Cobra, a tool that uses infrared (IR)... More

Cordless Ultra Paint Sprayer

The Graco Ultra puts professional-quality paint-spraying results in the hands of... More

Graco Ultra Paints Small Jobs Quick

Prep-to-Finish professional painter Scott Burt weighs in on the benefits of the... More

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Training Tomorrow's Trades

Vermont painter Scott Burt conducts training seminars and produces online curriculum for the next generation of painting professionals. More

Cordless Airless Sprayer

Scott Burt gives us an up-close look at Graco's airless hand-held sprayer geared for carpenters and remodelers. More

Graco Ultra Airless Cordless Sprayer

Prep-to-finish trainer and painting pro Scott Burt demonstrates the ins and outs... More

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Refinishing Hail-Damaged Red Cedar Siding

While time consuming and costly, surface restoration is still significantly less... More

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Okay to Use Old Paint?

Paint pro Scott Burt explains how to evaluate an opened can of latex paint, which... More

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