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Exterior Molding Repairs That Last

Clients that own historic homes are often proud of the exterior details.... More

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Self-Cleaning Exterior Paint

Sherwin-Williams says dirt will wash away on contact with rain or water on... More

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No-Bleed Painter’s Tape

A microbarrier seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed and creating... More

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All-in-One Paint
Restoring a Wood Deck

Even with the best finishes, surface prep is still the key to long-lasting success. More

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Smooth-Finish Paint
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EPA and HUD Announce New Lead Dust Standards for Floors and Window Sills

The more protective hazard standards will apply to inspections, risk assessments,... More

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5 Considerations for Going Bold With Exterior Color

When used well, bold colors can add a tasteful pop of life to a home’s exterior. More

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