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Boston Mayor Walsh Pushes Trench Safety Rule

Following two deaths in a flooded trench, Marty Walsh wants the city to have power to deny or revoke permits based on a company's safety record. More

Building Departments Get Busy as Charleston Booms

In Charleston, South Carolina, building officials are hustling to keep up with a hot economy. More

Controversial Hurricane Sandy Monument Poses Problem for Town

Call it inspiring or call it ugly, one thing's for sure: That thing's not legal. More

Expired Permits Tangle Up Florida Projects and Sales

Permits for new work and contracts for purchase and sale are hitting a snag: old permits that were never closed out. More

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Scribing Baseboard - Scrap Screen-Door Protector - REScheck for Permitting

Scribing baseboard, quickly; scrap screen-door protector; putting REScheck to work... More

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Removing Rocks Without Blasting

When explosives are out of the question, there's a quieter and safer way to break... More

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By Design: Fitting the Garage on a Narrow Lot

Fitting a rear garage on a narrow lot More

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