Personal Protective Equipment

JLC's Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including hard hats, fall arrest equipment, safety glasses, hearing protection and protective footwear, is the worker's first line of defense on every type of construction site. Selection criteria, fit testing and maintenance are as important as the equipment itself. This page offers the essential information residential builders and remodelers need to ensure that safety and production efficiency go hand-in-hand on every jobsite.

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Top 5 Essential PPE for Construction

In this video, Tim Uhler breaks down his top five personal protective equipment (PPE) items that are essential for ensuring safety on the job site. More

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Multipurpose Prescription Safety Glasses

Tom O'Brien wears this practical and stylish pair of safety glasses on the jobsite... More

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Better Respiratory Protection on the Jobsite

With the rapidly-spreading Omicron BA.5 subvariant in mind, here's a roundup of... More

Work Safely at Heights

From hard hats to full-body harnesses, here's a guide to the gear you need to work... More

The 21st Century Hardhat

This high-tech helmet protects your noggin from falling objects but also functions as a video recorder, camera, and 3-D mapping device. More

Ladder Safety: Best Practices

Ladders haven't changed much in the last decade; workers are still getting hurt on... More

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