2019 Photography for Deck Builders Workshop Announced

Are you going to Las Vegas for IBS? Then why not stay a few extra days and learn... More

FAA Imposes New Rules for Drones
New Rules for Drones

The FAA has adopted new regulations for recreational drones, including a... More

Understanding Your Photo Rights

When you're posting photos on your website, understanding copyright laws and the principles of Fair Use will help you protect your rights and avoid legal hot water. More

Taking Better Deck Photos

A pro photographer breaks down how to get the most out of your camera, whether... More

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January 2015 Letters

Plan for reroofing when installing step flashing and counterflashing on a stucco... More

Useful Apps: My Measures and Dimensions Pro

Use your smart device to create dimensioned photos that can be emailed, printed,... More

Using Evernote Premium in Your Business

Evernote can be used for almost any purpose that requires capturing, organizing,... More

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Photography Tip - Zoom Bracketing

In photography, "Bracketing" is taking a series of the same picture, but changing some aspect of the photo such as exposure, or the zoom angle of the lens as you progress through. More

Poor PDF Photos

The quality of the photos in the print version of the magazine are much better than what can be printed out from the website More

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