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Solar at the Crossroads

State-level regulatory action could dim the future of residential rooftop solar More

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Hawaii’S New Rules Throw A Shadow Over Solar

A Hawaii utility is putting the brakes on rooftop solar installations. Is it the start of a power company backlash against solar energy? More

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For Firefighters, Solar Panels Are A New Type Of Trouble

Fire crews are reporting trouble with roof-mounted photovoltaic panels: in building fires, they block access and create a shock hazard. More

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Simpler Solar Panel Assemblies

Cost and complexity are the two main reasons you don't see a photovoltaic array on... More

Generous Tax Breaks Spur Rooftop Solar in New Orleans
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Innovative Products 2009

A roundup of tools and materials found on the floor at JLC Live in Providence, R.I . More

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Anti-sweat valve for toilets; cold-weather spray foam; solar-powered dimmer for tubular skylights; standard-width high-performance range; faux slate roofing; more More

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JLC Extra: Solar Cargo Trailer

This schematic shows how to wire the trailer-mounted photovoltaic power system... More

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Solar Cargo Trailer

Paul Bias, a green builder in Arcata, Calif., frequently works on sites where it’s... More

Green Building: Island Solar

At South Mountain, a 100% worker-owned remodeling firm on Martha's Vineyard,... More

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