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Trimless Return for an Arch-Top Window

When the request is for a 'simple plaster look', here's how to make the transition... More

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Four-in-One Exterior Insulation Panel

Masonry backing is integrated with structural sheathing to simplify installation. More

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Not-quite Historic Preservation

When a hidden note was discovered on an old plaster wall, special skills were... More

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Repairing Plaster Walls in a Historic Home

Learn how father-and-son plaster experts Ron and William Bisson restore damaged... More

18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinders

These angle grinders won’t come close to replacing a corded version for all-day... More

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Stilts Beyond Drywall

Stilts have been—and continue to be—used for a wide range of purposes beyond... More

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Digitally-Drawn Facade

Check it out, urges Roe: New exterior materials "drawn" in a new way. More

A Bizarre Automatic Plastering Machine

It’s hard to believe this thing actually works. Whether it can earn its keep is another matter. More

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JLC April Letters

Joists in an old floor, repairing a concrete slab in an old floor, and more. More

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