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Bosch 18V Multi-X Oscillating Multi-Tool

A handy remodeling tool for everything from delicate material removal to finishing... More

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Steam Heat vs. Hydronic Heat

A reader ponders whether to stick with steam or convert to hydronic. More

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Drywall Skim-Coat vs. Veneer Plaster Finishes

Myron Ferguson explains the difference between a Level 5 drywall finish and a... More

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New Joists for an Old Floor

The best remedy for a sagging out-of-level floor is putting in new LVL joists and... More

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How to Build a Double Winder Stair

Instead of cut stringers, remodeler Dave Holbrook used modular boxes to stack one... More

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Tiny Bubbles

This thread from the JLC Forums offers tips for dealing with tiny bubbles appearing in joint compound. More

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Too Strange For Old England?

A young English couple will have to tear down their unique, quirky straw-bale home... More

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Building a Ceiling Dome

Traditional plaster finishes off this simple, elegant bit of framing. More

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On the Job: Avoiding Plaster Disaster

Avoiding plaster disaster; a floating sink More

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