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Multipurpose Plumbing Sealant

Use it on steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and plastics. More

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Tech-Savvy Plumbing Valves

These ball valves are app driven and compatible with popular smart hubs. More

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An Electronically Controlled Shower Valve?

Matt Risinger takes us on a tour of his new digital shower and steam installation, including the mechanical room in the attic above. More

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Smart Water Sensor

The new Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector is a stand-alone sensor that can be... More

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Putting the Deep Freeze on a Hose Bibb

Watch as Matt Risinger attempts to compare the performance of different types of frostproof hose bibbs, with mixed results. More

Ridgid Plumbing SeeSnakes

New models have enhanced features for better camera display More

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