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Extruded Beadboard

PVC beadboard from Kleer Lumber comes in 16-foot lengths and has a reversible T&G... More

Build a Timber-Style Awning

Watch the Samurai Carpenter build a timber-style awning with open rafters and an... More

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Building a Chinese Chippendale Balustrade

Don't get scared off by this railing style's geometric fretwork pattern. Once you... More

Building an Asymmetric Portico

Fussy zoning and framing requirements complicated the construction of this... More

Precast Pier Jig

A simple 2x4 brace helps make sure the pier ends up in the right position. More

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Restoring a Gothic Porch

The house definitely has a bit of character. It's also recognized as a landmark... More

Designing Screened Porches

Give the porch a practical floor plan, and make it look like an extension of the... More

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