Precast Concrete

Precast Pier Jig

A simple 2x4 brace helps make sure the pier ends up in the right position. More

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Setting Precast Footings

How a Massachusetts contractor perfectly aligned multiple precast piers for a 78-... More

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Are Windows Required in Basements?

Q: We’d like to start building basements with precast concrete panels, but we’ve been running into resistance from local code officials. Are basement windows required when a house is built with a full foundation? More

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Do Precast Foundation Walls Need Waterproofing?

Q: Are precast concrete foundation walls subject to the same dampproofing or waterproofing requirements as cast-in-place and block foundations? I've heard that because these walls are made of a high-strength concrete that's virtually nonporous and impervious to water, they don't require extra dampproofing or waterproofing. My building inspector disagrees. More

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Building With Precast Concrete Panels

Produce industrial-strength energy-efficient homes with hollow-core planks and... More

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A Masonry Chimney in Six Hours

No one likes waiting for the mason, but manufactured zero-clearance fireplaces... More

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Q&A: Is It Necessary to Compact Slab Sub-Base?

Q. We need to pour a 24x24-foot concrete slab for an attached garage next to a... More

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Roof Deck Renovations

A third-generation roofing contractor describes the range of deck types you’ll find on commercial roofs and how to safely cut through in remodeling work. More

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