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Steel-Alternative Rebar

Compared with steel, this glass-fiber-reinforced composite rebar has more tensile... More

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Precision Drilling Hammer Bits

Hardened bits for rebar application More

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Pinning a Foundation to Ledge

Maine carpenter Mark Pollard explains how he used rebar and epoxy to pin concrete... More

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Pier-and-Beam Foundations For Problem Soils

When a slab on grade just won't work, there’s no better foundation type, but you... More

Readers Comment: What We Didn’t Like About Your Rebar Story

Phil and Dave are not impressed with the American Innovator video about a trip to... More

12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rebar

Your last truck, fridge, or microwave may have been turned into rebar at a plant... More

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Florida County Prepares To Tear Down An Abandoned Project

They’ve stood empty and half-finished since 2006. Now, the county is ready to tear the houses down. More

Product Watch: Rebar-Resistant Masonry Bit

Nothing destroys masonry bits like rebar. One solution may be the new SpeedHammer... More

Product Watch: Fast Rebar Tying

Rebar tying tools seem to come in two flavors: simple hand tools and high-tech... More

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