Reinforced Concrete

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Building Stone Arches

A veteran masonry contractor describes how he built a series of stone arches below... More

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Repairing a Bulging Foundation

A veteran contractor shares his method of repairing damaged foundations with... More

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Working With Shotcrete

Pneumatically applied concrete isn't just for big commercial projects. A specialty... More

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Designing Concrete Basement Walls

An engineer explains how wall thickness, rebar, and proper drainage all affect the ability of poured concrete foundation walls to resist lateral soil pressure. More

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Restoring an Open Porch

In this design-build project, a remodeling company turned a little-used sunroom addition back into an elegant open-air porch. More

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Rebar chairs, laminated glass, high-performance paint stripper, spaceage carpenter pen, mini skid steer loader, more More

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Q&A: Rebar in Sonotubes

Q: To support a beam for a residential deck, does a Sonotube pier need any rebar? More

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Trade Talk: Can You Substitute Synthetic Fibers for Wire Mesh?

Although contractors often substitute synthetic fibers for wire mesh in concrete... More

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Backfill: Welcome to California Gardens

Wish you lived in California? Move to China. More

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