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Selecting High-Performance Doors and Windows

Phil Armand describes the selection process he leans on to address this critical... More

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Setting Client Expectations

An unhappy client is one who expected something you didn't deliver. More

The Transformative Power of a Front Porch

Intended to make the front entry more functional, this porch also gave a... More

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Making a Small Bath More Accessible

How John Carroll replaced a standard 5-foot tub with a smaller tiled shower and... More

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Rescuing a Failing Structure

How an underbuilt roof led to destruction of first-floor joists More

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Creating an In-House Training Program

Most construction companies don't offer formal training to either new hires or... More

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Remodeling and Renovation Challenges 2023

Take our survey to help us better communicate the specific business challenges... More

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Economic Forecast: Remodeling Activity to Slow Down in 2023

Annual expected decreases in the Residential Remodeling Index (RRI) through 2025... More

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