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A More Efficient Jobsite

How a solo contractor can profit - literally - by eliminating wasted time and motion. More

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Remodeling Market Surges Past Post-COVID Pressures

But expect remodeling growth to flatten in '22, predicts Zonda's RRI, as interest... More

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Working Efficiently in a Post-COVID World

Born of necessity during the pandemic, these lessons in efficient remodeling still... More

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Adding a Steel 'Backbone' to a Failed Ridge Beam

Jake Lewandowski breaks down the complex process of reinforcing a rotted heavy... More

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Reboot on Procedures for Interior Renovating

How one company developed a modern manual that not only guides clients, but also... More

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How to Turn High Material Prices to Your Advantage

Long lead times and high prices are not a problem, they're an opportunity. More

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New Pier for an Old Post

Follow structural repair specialist Jake Lewandowski as he replaces the footing... More

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An Innovative Rim Joist Repair

Discovered during a kitchen remodel, a failing wall-foundation intersection was... More

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JCHS Report: Pandemic Has Been Boon to Home Improvement Spending

While there are still large portions of the U.S. population who have not yet... More

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