Resilient Design

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Building to Resist Wildfire

Builders at the edge of the West's great forest know how to do this More

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Flood-Hardy Construction: Louisiana's Lesson for Texas

Drainable, dryable assemblies could speed the recovery from catastrophic flooding More

Almost 7 Million Homes at Risk of Storm Surge Damage This Year
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A Texas Tornado: Lessons Learned

Stronger Connections Could Have Saved Homes More

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Building Tough

When nature does its worst, standing up to the elements can be a defining test of... More

Coastal Contractor: An Ending — and a Beginning

This is the last Coastal Connection email newsletter. But JLC's coverage of resilient shoreline construction will continue. More

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Retrofit Moment Frames

In California, cities are requiring moment frames on ‘soft story’ openings More

Building Back Better, on Staten Island

To replace a ruined cottage, a Staten Island architect and builder create a showcase home. More

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Four Common Delusions Among Contractors

Contractors are often their own worst enemies. Here are four ways they make it... More

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Have Strict Building Codes Saved Chile?

Strict building codes and the preparedness of millions of Chileans have been... More

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