Return on Investment

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Low-Cost Window Rehab

Economical solutions to window problems for budget-minded rehab projects. More

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Home-Grown Imports

In Scandinavia, high-quality factory-built housing dominates the market. Now U.S.-based entrepreneurs hope to duplicate the magic here. More

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Steep-Site Solutions

Hillsides demand more complex foundation design. But familiar materials and techniques usually work best. More

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Diversification & the Small Builder

You can put your building talents to use in many different ways—from home inspection to real estate management.But you need to find out the right mix for profits and peace of mind. More

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Power Nailers and Staplers

A report on the new pneumatics: why they’re gaining in popularity in every job from interior trim to roofing. More

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In Business: What's Profit and What's Not

How to determine profit More

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You and Your Accountant

Bradford W. Ketchum, Jr. describes how builders can evaluate and improve their rapport with accounting professionals. More

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