Roller-Compacted Concrete

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Battery-Powered Window Shades

The QMotion may look like a simple pull-down shade, but a motor and battery pack... More

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Fixing Cracks in Concrete

Q: What is the best way to seal hairline cracks in a concrete driveway? The products I've found at home centers seem too thick, and my client is concerned that the cracks will get worse during the winter months. More

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Q&A: Causes and Cures for Bubbling Laminate

Q: Over the past five years, I’ve built more than 30 laminate countertops, and I’ve never had any problems with them. Recently, however, one of my countertops started to bubble in a few places about five weeks after I built it. I tried taking an iron and heating the laminate, then flattening it with a J-roller until the laminate cooled. This worked, but for only about a week. What could be causing this to happen? And what can I do to fix this problem? More

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Compacting Problem Soils

Improper soil compaction leads to a host of concrete failures, from cracked pavements and slabs to leaking basements and settling foundations. A concrete expert tells how to avoid these problems by identifying the soil type, using the proper amount of moisture during compaction, and choosing the right kind of compaction equipment. More

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