Cordless Rear-Handle Saws

Tim Uhler tests five battery-powered framing saws to see if they have the power... More

Cordless 10-inch Table Saw

This battery-powered 10-inch table saw is a game-changer: It can also be plugged... More

Cut Tenons With Circular Saws

A timber framer's technique could save you time on your next project. More

Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Cut metal quickly and safely with this powerful electric saw from Eastwood. More

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Reminder: Table Saws Don’t Care if Your Finger Gets in the Way

How to stay safe from the most dangerous tool on the jobsite. More

Beam Cutting Jig

Carpenter Brian Campbell shares a video of his custom jig for a big-dog circ saw. More

Choochin’ Deck Border

Deck details and funny words from the Samurai Carpenter and Canada. More

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