Second Story

Lateral Bracing for a Second-Story Deck

There are alternatives to using the lateral-load anchors described in the IRC, if... More

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By Design: Seamless Additions

Elements of the well-designed addition More

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By Design: Bungalow Additions

Avoiding bungled bungalow additions More

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Q&A: Upstairs Window Egress Rules

Q: I know that the sill of an egress window in a second-floor bedroom must be no... More

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Q&A: Electrical Fluctuations

Q: I am having an electrical problem on a second-story addition I am currently building. The clients report that the lights dim periodically during the early morning hours, but that it’s not related to the refrigerator starting nor any other piece of electrical equipment in the house. I have tested the voltage and have found no fluctuations greater than two or three volts during the course of a day. The service is 200 amps, and the entire house has been completely rewired within the past six years. The wiring looks to have been properly installed. Is there something I have overlooked in trying to determine the cause of these electrical surges? The adjacent houses have not reported any surges. More

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Adding On Above the Garage

A West Coast builder tells how he used structural steel and engineered lumber to strengthen a two-bay garage beneath a master bedroom addition. More

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Q&A: Adding Loads to Basement Piers

Q: A client wants me to add a second story addition on a small Cape. The add-on would necessitate bringing new floor and roof loads onto existing steel columns in the basement that heretofore have supported only first-floor loads. Are the footings for those steel posts up to the additional loads? Standard practice in this area is to pour a 2x2-foot pad, 8 to 12 inches thick; the slab is 4 inches thick. More

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Case Study: Framing an Engineered Floor

In second-story additions, existing bearing walls can limit your design choices. A design/builder tells how he used steel and engineered lumber to handle large loads and wide spans. More

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A Second Story in Five Days

The roof came off, the second story went up, and the roof went back on — all in less than four hours. The contractor on the job tells how he did it. More

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Elevating the Ranch

Adding a second story to a ranch requires good design skills and a fast-working crew. Here’s how to make this kind of work go smoothly. More

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