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Raising the Roof

When building a shed-dormer addition, this builder decided to lift up and use the... More

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Salvaging a Hero's Home

An historic farmhouse was documented, dismantled and stored with an eye towards... More

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A Partial Foundation Retrofit

Save what’s solid and replace what’s not More

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Cripple-Wall Failure

Tens of thousands of wood-framed houses in the Bay Area were built on short... More

Moving a Lighthouse? No Big Deal

Moving a lighthouse a few hundred feet is all in a day’s work for house mover Jerry Matyiko. More

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Stepped Buttresses for a Row House Basement

As part of a major gut-renovation project on a historic Brooklyn row house,... More

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Adding Underneath a Hillside Home

A steep slope and a tight lot call for some imaginative foundation solutions. More

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Q&A: Shoring a Balloon Frame

Q: I am rehabbing an old two-story balloon-framed house with a crumbling limestone... More

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Foundation Replacement

A foundation contractor describes the shoring techniques that make his replacement jobs safe and profitable. More

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