Sidewalks and Walkways

Concrete Pavers

Shellock line has pillowed edges and a polished surface More

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Add Slate Style to Hardscapes with the Pavestone Panorama Combo Series

Modular sizes allow for flexibility and variety in patio aesthetics More

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Installing Radiant Snowmelting

The same technology used in radiant slabs also works outdoors to melt snow from... More

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Foundation Drainage

A concrete contractor and consultant explains how proper finish grading and... More

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New England Update
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Q&A: Cure for Wet Basement

Q: We are working on a house with water in the basement. The homeowner got a bid... More

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Kitchen & Bath: Designing the Two Cook Kitchen
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Q&A: Crawlspace Ventilation Alternatives

Q: We are about to begin construction on an addition. Code requires venting the crawlspace under the wood floor. However, the foundation will be surrounded by concrete sidewalks on three sides, limiting the use of passive vents. Are there other alternatives for venting? More

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Q&A: Sub-Sidewalk Seepage

Q: I am working on a house with a leaky walk-out basement. The house is surrounded by a sidewalk on the three sides above the walkout, and water seems to be seeping through the control joints in the sidewalk into the basement. How can the joints be sealed to stop the leaks? More

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