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Natural Slate Roofing System

Preassembled panels consist of six slates backed by a waterproofing membrane. More

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Slate Roof Restoration

As a long-term solution, restoring an old slate roof is more cost effective than... More

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Synthetic Slate Roofing: Lessons Learned

What to do - and what not to do - when installing synthetic slate roofing. More

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How to Grout Slate Tile

Michael Byrne on grouting and cleaning slate and other textured tiles. More

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Lightweight Semi-Slate Roofing

The slate you can't see from the ground has been replaced by a sheet of underlayment More

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Installing Synthetic Slate

This alternative to slate is light, rugged, and easy to cut. More

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Cleaning the Slate

A short time ago, a remodeler hired me to solve a dispute he had with a customer. He had been building an addition, and when he began framing the walls he discovered that the foundation slab was out of square. The concrete sub owned up to the mistake, and at no charge to the customer fixed the problem by removing and replacing parts of the slab. However, the customer was extremely unhappy with the delay this caused. More

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Slate in the Shower

Slate is porous and harder to keep clean than ceramic tile, but is there a good... More

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Building a Slate-Tile Deck

Strong framing and proper substrate details reduce the chances of cracking More

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