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Backfill: Historic Homes
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Residential Tear-Offs

Stripping roof shingles is no one’s idea of a good time. But this survey of roofing contractors reveals tools and techniques that make the work neater, faster, and safer. More

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Slate Roof Repairs

If you’re adding a skylight, or just need to replace a few broken slates, follow this simple step-by-step repair guide. More

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New Twists in Tiles, Shakes, & Shingles

NEB surveys the new species of concrete shakes, plastic slates, metal tiles, and other curious combinations that vie for upscale looks and modest price tags. More

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Inspecting Sloped Roofs

A leading home inspector tells you how to identify and diagnose problems on asphalt, slate, wood, and tile roofs. More

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Flashing Primer

Flashing is the weak link in any roofing system. Here are tips and techniques for getting it right with slate, wood, asphalt, and clay roofing. More

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