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Put Your Construction Business Purchasing Systems to Work

In July we discussed the basics of a purchasing system, and how it can help you... More

Coastal Communities Moving to "Form-Based" Zoning Codes

Coastal Communities Moving to "Form-Based" Zoning Codes ~ More

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All-in-One Footing and Pier Form

Tapered, snap-together formwork includes pre-bent rebar cut to size. More

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Truck Seat Covers

Custom-fitted, washable protection from dirt and stains More

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Recycling Form Boards

Can concrete form boards be reused for framing, or does exposure to concrete... More

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Modified vs. Unmodified Mortar With Kerdi Membranes

Q: When installing stone tiles over Schluter's Kerdi waterproofing membrane, is it okay to use modified thinset mortar? I know that Schluter recommends unmodified thinset mortar, but my supplier suggests that the large and heavy tiles will be easier to install with a polymer-modified no-sag mortar. More

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Faster Jamb Extensions

Learn how using drywall screws to establish plumb and level can help you install... More

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Making Change Orders Work for You

Many of the costly owner/contractor disputes I see in my legal practice involve... More

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Lumpy Setting Compounds

Q: When we're working with what we call "hot mud"- setting-type drywall compounds... More

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