Quicker Stair Stringer Support

Pylex screw piles can be installed by hand, and might let you skip the concrete. More

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Assembled Stair Rail Panels

Save time and labor using preassembled railing panels for stairs. More

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Deck Stair Upgrades

Four approaches to stair design that will make your decks stand out from the crowd. More

Better Porch Stairs

Manny Silva pattern-routed the stringers and trim for the porch stairs on a recent... More

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An Evolution in Laying Out Stair Stringers

A simple jig or trammel points can increase the accuracy of stepping-off stairs. More

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Panel Discussion: Safe and Durable Deck Stairs

Watch now to learn practical details on building safe stairs that will last for... More

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A Custom Newel Post Retrofit

Dave Holbrook shows how he updated a staircase's original square newel posts with... More

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Graspable Aluminum Handrails

If the guardrail on your client's deck stairs isn't graspable, you may need to add... More

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Connecting Guard Posts to Deck Frames

Mike Guertin shows how screws and blocking can be used to make strong guard post... More

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It's Not a Mistake Unless You Can't Fix It

Spencer Lewis reveals a major mistake he made when building a set of stairs, and his elegant solution. More

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