North Carolina Moves to Sandbag LEED in Fight Over Lumber Sourcing

Lumber interests are pushing to get North Carolina off the LEED bandwagon. More

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Brown Backlash: Kansas Moves To Prohibit Sustainability

The Kansas legislature is considering a bill that would prevent state funds from being invested in any “sustainable” project. More

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Installing a Green Roof

Interlocking pre-grown panels add little dead load to the roof. More

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Water-Efficient Bath Products

Water conservation is an integral part of the green movement. Watch to see bath... More

Cutting Edge: Blue-Collar Jobs Turn Green

With home building at a near standstill and the government promising financial... More

Chris Holmgren, Dickerson, Md.

The U.S. Forest Service says 3.8 billion board feet of good timber–felled from... More

Truckin' Around: Oils Get Environmental

Motor oil, two-cycle oil, even hydraulic oil are going green. Green Earth Technologies, a recent startup company with no ties to the petroleum industry, is selling the first products in a line of naturally organic, biodegradable, high-performance motor oils, including environmentally friendly hydraulic oil for heavy equipment. More

How Green Is Your Truck?

Here's something to add to your list of sustainable practices: When your old pickup finally wears out, it's almost 100% recyclable. More

Truckin' Around: Greener Trucks

Truck manufacturers will roll out more fuel-saving, full-sized trucks beginning... More

Reusing Lumber

At 8 a.m. on demo day, the framing I'm about to tear out and junk is a perfectly... More

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