Upselling and Cross-Selling

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Legislation Is the Mother of Invention

Rough-Service incandescents keep the lights on. More

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US Mega-Builders Hold Mineral Rights Under New Homes

A Reuters special report says production builders in dozens of states are “hoarding” the rights to oil, gas, and other mineral resources in the ground under the new homes they sell — often without the knowledge of home buyers. More

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Home Price Rises Moderate

The housing market still has momentum, according to the latest numbers. But the price rises appear to be slowing. More

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Protecting Profits in Your Construction Business

Let's begin this month by reviewing some basic financial concepts and benchmarks. More

Creating Upselling Opportunities

Selling upgrades comes down to informing clients about options they may not know... More

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Financing Spec Homes

A builder tells how he uses banks, home equity, subordination agreements, and private investors to get the money to build on spec. More

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Interview: Spec Remodeling Strategies: Tips from a Pro

Spec remodeler Larry Dworin tells how he chooses, restores, and markets “fixer-uppers” that provide him with a steady income and a high return on investment. More

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Visualizing Gross Profit

Learn how to come up with a selling price that will cover your costs and earn you... More

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Toolbox: New 15 Gauge Finish Nailers

New 15-gauge finish nailers More

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Legal Column: Partnership vs. incorporation

Partnership vs. incorporation More

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