Urban Development

Charleston's "Lorelei" Redevelopment: A New Urbanist Vision Takes Shape

On a neglected brownfield, developers plan a vibrant downtown community. More

Historic Staten Island Ruins Slated for Redevelopment

The derelict, decaying Farm Colony site will be home to a new mixed-use project, with some historic preservation included. More

Can Boston Adapt to Rising Seas?

An MIT panel ponders the choices, and a Boston Globe reporter looks to Europe for ideas More

Leasing Starts for NYC Modular "Micro" Apartments

All the comforts of home in 300 square feet? New Yorkers say "yes." More

Welcome to Portland, Maine (No Vacancy)

The Portland Press-Herald takes a long, searching look at housing supply and affordability in Maine's largest city More

Could New Orleans Handle Another Katrina?

Experts question whether New Orleans is adequately protected. The city's rebuilt levees are designed for a "100-year" flood ... but Katrina was worse than that. More

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Communities Mandate the Removal of Wood Roofing

In an effort to curb the risk of wildfire destroying homes, more and more western communities push for the removal of existing wood roofing. More

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Colorado Town Rejects Eminent Domain In Urban Renewal Push

Bowing to citizen pressure, the Erie, Colorado, Board of Trustees has abandoned an idea to grant its urban renewal authority the power to seize homes. More

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Are Lawyers Crushing The Condo Market In Denver?

Big builders and developers are bowing out of the condo business in Denver, Colorado. Is it because of the out-of-control construction defect lawsuits? More

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