Urban Forestry

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October Letters

Installing kitchen cabinets in plane, misclassifying workers, Lowe's lumber-sizing lawsuit More

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Blasting Holes in Houses

It's not as fun as a beer cannon, but it might lead to more tornado-resistant homes. More

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Mapping Green Space

The EPA's EnviroAtlas provides a one-stop reference for identifying everything... More

Tiger Deck Tigerwood

This South American hardwood should last two to three times longer than U.S.... More

Osmose MicroShades - MicroPro

Treatment combines colorant and micronized copper that protects the wood against... More

End of the Road for Perennial Wood?

After a promising beginning, Eastman Chemical decides to drop their Perennial Wood acetylated wood decking and porch flooring business More

Friction Welding Wood

From the department of strange but true: You can join wood without glue, fasteners, or traditional joinery. More

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