Vacation Homes

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Replacing a Beach-House Foundation

A modified mat slab saved this cottage from the sea. More

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Mice and Insulation

Q. Is there any way to can keep mice out of insulation? I am working on a remote cabin in southern Illinois, and the mice seem to come and go at will. I'm getting ready to insulate another room and I don't want to provide new places for the rodents to nes More

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Repairing a Stone Foundation

A Colorado builder explains how he poured a new foundation well around the existing one to provide support and a smooth surface for waterproofing. More

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Strictly Business: Building on Spec

Building on spec More

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Strictly Business: Beating Remodeler’s Stress

Beating the stress of running a remodeling business More

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Strictly Business: Get It in Writing

Writing letters could save you a heap of trouble More

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Vinyl siding for that log cabin look; interchangeable hitch balls; round shower; platform hoist for roof shingles; stable saw stand; more More

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Legal Adviser: Moonlighting Madness

How to steer your employees away from moonlighting More

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Basic business guide, contract-writing help, construction drawing primer, engineering basics, electrical references More

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