Value Engineering

Wood Decks Still a Top Value

Decks remain a solid value for homeowners looking to add comfort and value to... More

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Pak-Lite Flashlight

A simple cap with two LEDs turns a 9-volt battery into a tiny flashlight. More

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How to Draw an Ellipse

Instead of using the string method, you can create the curve by laying out a... More

Rules for Drilling and Notching Deck Framing

Following these simple guidelines when modifying joists, beams, and posts will... More

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Making Sense of Markup

Suggestions for what to say when clients ask: What's your markup? More

Cadex 23-Gauge Pinner

The CPB23.50 drives pins up to two inches long and is loaded with useful features. More

Muck Chore Cool Boots

With their Vibram soles and moisture wicking lining these waterproof boots keep... More

Combining Decks and Patios

One offers easy access to the house, while the other cost-effectively provides a... More

StoneBreaker Nailbender Work Gloves

StoneBreaker's new line of work gloves combine fit, flexibility, and durability. More

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