Vegetated Roof

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Forming a Hobbit House

Engineers - not wizards - were needed to design the concrete roof of this... More

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Installing a Green Roof

Interlocking pre-grown panels add little dead load to the roof. More

Vegetated Roofs for the Florida Climate
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Trade Talk: Algae on Asphalt Shingles

Algae on asphalt shingles More

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Q&A: Blotchy Shingles

Q: The shady part of a customer’s roof is stained with round, pea-green growths on the asphalt shingles. The round spots are of various sizes, and they are not fuzzy like moss. A bleach solution does not remove these growths. What are they, and how can I More

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Resources: Green CD

Environmental newsletter on CD-ROM, roof framing manual More

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Building With Style: Expressive Roofs

Designing roof overhangs More

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Building With Style: The Logic of Roof Forms

Designing roof intersections More

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Leakproof Details for Shallow Roofs

Conventional steep-slope roofing materials can be made watertight even on low slopes. Here are some details and techniques that work. More

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