Walls and Ceilings

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High-Load-Carrying Fire Wall Hangers

Mitek's FWHPB hangers can transfer loads of over 5,700 pounds to supporting walls. More

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'Thank You, Mr. Bee Man!'

A Texas man solves bee infestation problems by relocating the bee colonies instead... More

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Working With Sheet Goods

Learn from veteran carpenter John Spier how to measure and cut plywood smoothly... More

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Finishing Inside Corners & Off Angles

If you do any amount of drywall finishing you will eventually come across a... More

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Flood-Hardy Wall Construction

Can we can build homes that stand up to frequent flooding? Most likely, yes. More

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How to Tape Drywall Like a Pro

There’s a lot more to hand-taping drywall joints than slapping a bunch of mud on... More

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The Secret to a Perfect Drywall Ceiling

On almost every house, but especially on a high-end, architect-designed house, the... More

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Avoiding Wet Walls

The energy code provides guidance on limiting the risk of condensation, if you... More

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