Weather Resistant Barriers

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Window-First Installation Solution

Integrates window flashing with Tyvek WRBs. More

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Polyester WRB Membrane

Optimized for panelization, this self-adhered membrane can be exposed for up to a... More

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Fluid-Applied Air and Water Barrier

DensDefy Liquid Barrier adheres to most materials, even wet weather, to create a... More

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More Integrated Sheathing Products Bump Into Zip System Patent

In the latest lawsuit of its kind, Huber Engineered Woods files a... More

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3 Common Vertical Siding Mistakes That May Cause Mold

Butting panels and battens together and improper drainage planes are leading... More

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Video Series: Curved Window-Wall Makeover

Carpenters keep an island home's curved wall safe as they carry out a complete upgrade to the windows, siding, and trim. More

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Four Common Mold-Causing Mistakes with Mixed Siding

Combining different exterior claddings looks nice — but it can quickly get ugly if... More

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High-Load-Carrying Fire Wall Hangers

Mitek's FWHPB hangers can transfer loads of over 5,700 pounds to supporting walls. More

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Housewraps and Weather Resistant Barriers, Part 4

Mike Sloggatt looks at liquid-applied coatings, then demonstrates how well all of... More

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