Wind Power

Green Building: Island Solar

At South Mountain, a 100% worker-owned remodeling firm on Martha's Vineyard,... More

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Practical Engineering: Holding Down the Roof

Wind uplift on roofs More

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Q&A: Carpet Filtration Mystery

Q: We are builders in the Philadelphia area. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced several cases of what we’ve been told is "carpet filtration" — dark ghost lines that appear on the carpet under doors and around the perimeter of rooms. We tested the hvac system and found a sizeable imbalance between the supply and return sides, so we added an additional central return system to equalize the pressures. Is the imbalance the major cause of the filtration? If not, what are the causes? We have had to replace some carpet, and hope that we don’t continue to be liable for a recurring problem. More

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Beating the Big Chill

Productivity drops when it’s cold, and some materials, like caulks, glues, concrete, and plaster, just won’t perform well. We compare features on several types of portable heaters and give tips on how to match the heater to the job. More

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Backfill:"We Like to do Difficult Things
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Single-Plies for Small Jobs

The single-ply revolution is not just for acre-size industrial roofs. Many options are just right for small jobs, too. More

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Focus on Energy: Whatever Happened to the Solar Tax Credits?

An update on the solar tax credits. More

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