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Pourable Floor Adhesive

Bona Quantum Flow is a silane-based, VOC-free adhesive for wood floors. More

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Multiuse Wood Screws

MVP screws feature a double-lead point, Torx ttap drive, countersinking head, and... More

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Heavy-Duty Wood Lattice

Standard thickness is 3/8 inch; heavy-duty is 13/16 inch. More

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Easy Siding and Trim Attachment with Wood Structural Panels

A builder’s guide for using wood panel sheathing as a simple, code-compliant nail... More

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Continuous Insulation Wood Fiber Board

A new softwood-fiber insulation panel promises R-3.4 to R-3.75 per inch. More

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GuardDog Exterior Wood Screws

Approved for use with ACQ and CA-B, as well as cedar and redwood. More

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Heat-Treated Wood

Thermally modified wood can be used for decking, siding, and more. More

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Basket Weaving a Wall

How craftsmen recreated a unique architectural wall detail for one of Vermont's... More

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Enhanced Wood Stain Formula

New and improved ExoShield wood stains promise better color retention. More

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A Practical Approach to Built-in Bench Seating

Gary Striegler's practical and efficient method uses pattern-routed supports More

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