Cool Setup: Trailer Edition

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Next Level Carpentry: Sawhorses

The eminently watchable Matt Jackson gives the 1-2-3 on some sweet horses. More

Unboxing a Massive Dust Processor

You probably already know Matt Jackson and his Next Level Carpentry YouTube channel. He’s one of those people who’s forgotten more than I know about building stuff, but it appears there’s little he’s forgotten. In other words, you can’t not learn something from him and he’s great on camera. In this video, he unboxes the Gyro Air G700 Dust Processor, all 500 pounds of it. The industrial-grade, $3,750 G700 is conversation-quiet, as he points out at the end of the video where his caption reads, “This is 1 ½ minutes of me talking” to test the noise level in his camera. It was also 1 ½ minutes of me dying laughing.The best part of the video, however, is that Matt doesn’t follow the instructions exactly. In other words, he rigs jigs to move this machine himself. Levers, rollers, chain hoists—it’s all safe (in the right hands, namely his). In his warning to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME—there are easily Darwin Award Winners who get heavy lifts wrong—he points out that not only will the machine’s weight “kill you, it’ll hurt the whole time you’re dying.” Sage advice. Top drawer video. More

Killer Garage Transformation

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The Ultimate Workbench in a Box

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