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Husky Adjustable-Height 52-inch Workbench

Bring the workshop up to your level with a bench top that raises and lowers with... More

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Piping for Compressed Air

For a small shop, look beyond metal piping for options that are less expensive and... More

A Stupid Simple Shop Drawing Stand

Simple? Yes. Stupid? No; it’s actually quite smart.  More

Steve's Multifunction Workbench

Cost-effective and easily made, this portable work top will boost your... More

Removable Shop Drawers

These home-made boxes are drawers in the shop and tool storage bins on site. More

The Swing Saw

This scary vintage machine is not for use by the faint of heart. More

Andy’s Paulk-Inspired Miter Saw Stand

This light-weight home-made stand sets up quickly, supports wide material, and can... More

Three Machine Shop Videos

A quick look at a shop in a shipping container, a giant lathe, and vintage... More

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