Be the Pro

Pros and DIYers are welcome on this industry-sponsored online forum, where... More

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An App That Changed the Way I Work

Using an online scheduling app for sales calls improves productivity while providing prospective customers with a better experience. More

Andrew Pitts’ Over-the-Top Woodworking Shop

This drool-worthy workspace has good machines, lots of space, and something you have probably never seen in a woodworking shop. More

Tradesmen’s Favorite Hand Tools

Here’s what 731 tradesmen told us about their preferred brands of 6 common tools. More

Handyman’s Favorite Hand Tools

We asked handymen about their preferred brands of 6 common hand tools and here’s... More

Cabinet Makers' and Finish Carpenters' Favorite Hand Tools

We asked about your preferred brands of six common hand tools and here’s what you... More

Completely Cleaning a Shop in Just over 3 Minutes

Through the magic of time lapse video see one hard-working guy make an automotive shop spic and span. More

A Tricked-Out Cut Table

There is a lot packed into the design of this home-made work table, including an... More

An Unusual Customizable Tool Vest

The Shop Pockets vest is modular in the sense that you can use it with their... More

Milwaukee Jobsite Radio-Charger With Bluetooth

With this M18 unit you can charge batteries and play the audio you want without... More

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