Fastening Tools

Senco, Alive and Staplin’

Senco’s 2-inch stapler drives 16- and 17-gauge 7/16-inch crown staples. More

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A Brief History of Portable Nail Guns

Don Carlson offers a fascinating look at the evolution from handheld bulk-driver... More

A Brief History of Portable Nail Guns

How did portable nail guns come to be? Don Carlson knows; he wrote a book about it. More

Makita 16 Ga. Cordless Finish Nailer

Featuring a whole new design, the cordless finish nailer has some promising features. More

DeWalt Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler

The DeWalt DCN681 cordless stapler is a solid-performing, well-balanced tool that... More

Max 500 PSI AKHL 1260EX Compressor

If you haven't considered a high-pressure pneumatic framing system, this article... More

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