That safety glasses get in the way and don't even always work well is not news and I think it’s why most of us don’t put them on when we put our nail bags one. At least it’s that way for me.

However, after having worn 3M’s Secure Fit safety glasses I can say with assurance that I forgot they were on most of the time I wore them.

Designed with a non-migraine-inducing head-piece, they’re feather light and functional. They fit close to my face and delivered better coverage than cat-eye-style glasses that are both popular and—in my experience anyway—only about 50% effective. I’ve had them gutter dust and debris toward my eyes as well as shield them from it.

The point it, the 3M-ers are cheap, comfortable, effective, and otherwise awesome. Grab a pair in a big box next time you walk by the end cap or display.

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