JLC editors Clayton DeKorne and Tim Healey attended the JLC Live show in Providence, R.I., last week. Their mission? Network and meet with current and future JLC contributors, scout out new products on the show floor, and attend as many of the dozens of educational sessions as they could fit into their schedules. Among the conference sessions they attended was “Video Marketing: Capture Your Project THEN Dominate Search," where Brian Javeline of MyOnline Toolbox showed a few different remodelers' efforts at using video for marketing, including this video tour of Daniel Mast's work trailer.

As Javeline suggests, video is a great tool for bringing your message to your customers exactly how you want them to hear it, rather than being filtered through their own voice and experience. In this example, the inference is that Mast Builder's remodeling work is as clean and as organized as one of their work trailers ... though likely produced with potential clients in mind, there are some good ideas for contractors looking to get their own trailers organized too.